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When first impressions matter, Grand Entrance Group is the name you want. Our reputation for quality work and excellent service has made our team one of the most sought after and respected entrance developers in the greater Raleigh area – dating back to the 1980s. Our turnkey service includes everything from initial concept and design to building, installation, and landscaping. 

You will see Grand Entrance Group work at landmark subdivisions throughout Greater Raleigh, in areas like Wakefield Plantation, McGregor, Brier Creek, Brightleaf, The Hamptons, and many more in our galleries. We welcome the opportunity to work with new developments, communities, and customers. We are passionate about continuing to develop beautiful communities and landscapes in the areas we serve as we have done for the last 30 years.

Grand Entrance Group (formerly Grand Entrance) was born of four equity partners with extensive experience in the Raleigh real estate industry. As national developers, builders, and working in land acquisition, we identified a need, which was echoed by many of our current clients, for cost-effective entrance development with dependable and quality craftsmanship. Grand Entrance Group makes service and product quality a priority while keeping our projects cost-effective. We do this through essential partnerships and business acquisitions.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Bauman - Commercial Landscape Raleigh

Michael Bauman


Ashlee Bauman

Commercial Landscape Raleigh

Michael Bird, PhD


Pamela Venegas

Human Resources Manager

Jason Buehring

Fleet Manager
Brian Holden

Brian Holden

Director of Client Services

Al Utley

Director of Operations

Ashley Rogers

Fabrication Coordinator

Debbie Cattano

Master Coordinator

Jed Humphreys

Install Coordinator

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Project Manager

Fred Cotton


Miguel Deharo


Gary Gregory

Water Technician

Francisco Olivares, Jr.

Masonry Foreman

Christian Olivares

Masonry Foreman

Fransisco Olivares Sr.

Masonry Foreman

Edgar Flores


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